• What is Datacoin?

    Datacoin is a cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin, started in 2013. It uses Cunningham Prime Chains for the proof of work, with 128kB of data allowed in every transaction.

  • What is Datacoin.Cash?

    Datacoin.Cash is a website where you can buy goods with Datacoin, participate in a multi-level-marketing system in the market and lend money to the website for trade financing.

  • How does the MLM work?

    Refer people to the market with your referral code and you will be paid a commission for the goods they buy, the lending packages they sell and the transactions of the people they recruit.

  • Where do the goods in the market come from?

    The goods come from Alibaba/AliExpress. But you will not be able to pay with Datacoin on those websites.

  • How does your system work?

    Essentially the profits earned in the market is used to pay the ROI on the lending packages.

  • How much do you pay on the lending packages?

    We pay 34% per year. It needs to be low enough to be financially viable but also high enough to encourage people to finance the shop. We reserve the right to change the rate at any time, as business conditions permit.